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June 29, 2016

“My test ride of the Vendetta ended up being more than 4 hours long, as I just could not get myself to stop riding. It’s a bike that I wouldn’t mind having in my quiver. It climbs pretty well, it’s not an xc-rocket, but still you won’t be able to blame this bike if your mates smoke you on the uphills. Where this bike really shines is when you get some assistance from gravity. At speed the bike surprisingly nimble considering the “big” wheels (yes, I normally ride 26 inch wheels and I love it), it feels good when cornering, both in long flat corners and fast tight ones, and in spite of its playful nature it still feels very stable and confidence inspiring. I think the relatively short wheelbase gives the Vendetta much of the liveliness of a ride on a good 26 inch bike.” Dr M

Next up is Kasper. MTB guide riding about 40 hours a week. ”It’s really good especially in the tight berms and corners, it handles like a small bike but has the stability of a large wheelbase, the short stem long top tube work really well. I like”


Last our good friend Rasmus, master carpenter and kamakazi rider, capable of anything.

“It’s really lively, amazingly so for a 27.5. I was loving my Production Privee until I just tried this.”

“Really nice buy I need a large, the medium is too much BMX for me, but the cornering and handling are amazing.”


Some more rider reviews

“I have to say that I am head over heals in love with the bike! The ride is so composed and assured, even down steep rocky stuff. The slack head angle with 160mm travel means it doesn’t flinch at anything I’ve been pointing it at. The longer top tube allows a more forward riding position than I’m used to and therefore more control. So far, The Vendetta hasn’t put a foot wrong and I’m highly impressed by its exquisite handling in all the situations I’ve thrown at it so far. The feel of the titanium is lovely. Its my first Ti frame and was expecting it to be much like steel, but its far superior. The frame as a whole is very versatile, and absolutely spot on!” Tom UK

“First ride on my Kingdom Vendetta – best cornering bike I’ve ridden” Mike UK

“is a great pleasure to ride it!!” Yvan FR

OK that’s the Vendetta2 update, coming soon test reviews from Dirt Magazine and Pinkbike.

In the meantime, more info here: Vendetta2

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