Because sometimes bad things happen to bikes

Original Owner Warranty

KingdomBike (and subsidiary companies) will at its sole discretion repair or replace any KingdomBike frame that fails due to manufacturing or material defects within the time periods detailed.

Any components not produced by KingdomBike bear their own manufacturer's warranty. Any claims on these components should be directed to the manufacturer's service department.

Product finishes applied by KingdomBike (paint, decals, etc) carry a 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. Damage caused by normal use or handling (dents, scratches, abrasions) are not considered defects.

We would consider most manufacturing issues to be highlighted within a few weeks of initial build.

Limitations to warranty and Liability

Proof of purchase via KingdomBike invoice for the original owner is required in order to qualify warranty.

Carriage charges to or from KingdomBike will be the responsibility of the original purchaser.

This standard warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and normal maintenance items. In addition the warranty does not cover any damage, failure, or loss caused by accident, improper use or assembly, neglect or improper maintenance.

The warranties detailed are in lieu of and exclude all other warranties not detailed herein, whether express or implied by operation of law or otherwise. This includes but is not limited to any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

KingdomBike (and its subsidiary companies) liability under this warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of the non-compliant KingdomBike products and under no circumstances will KingdomBike be liable for incidental or consequential losses, damages or expenses (including but without limitation damage to property or other economic losses) whether under this warranty or in contract or negligence or otherwise. This refund/warranty policy is void if the frame has any modifications or damage other than the damage reported.

Warranty Period
All full suspension frames come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty from the point of purchase to the original owner.
All hardtail frames come with a lifetime manufacturers warranty from the point of purchase to the original owner.
All full suspension frames come with a 2 year crash replacement warranty from the point of purchase to the original owner.
All hardtail frames come with a lifetimecrash replacement warranty from the point of purchase to the original owner.

If the frame is deemed defective KingdomBike will either repair or replace the frame or frame parts and are responsible for shipping costs.

Crash repair/replacement - In addition to our warranty, all KingdomBike frames are covered under our “Crash Replacement Policy” for the timescale shown above to the original registered owner. If for any reason (and we do mean “any” reason) you should find yourself with a broken frame, you may send us the broken frame or section and we will replace it or repair it at a cost well below retail.

You are responsible for all shipping costs to get the frame to and from KingdomBikes in the UK

Note on forks and warranty - Warranty covers a frame for fork usage listed on the features section of the relevant product page. OVER FORKING or using forks outside of this recommendation voids your warranty and will not receive manufacturers or crash replacement warranty.

Example Vendetta X2
Compatible forks 27.5: 130-150mm
Compatible forks 29: 120-140mm

In claims where head tube, and top tube/down tube damage is observed proof may be required that your frame has not been over forked and that the frame was running the correct fork travel.

How to make a Warranty Claim
Contact us directly at: with details of your claim. Please remember that this warranty is personal to you and only applies to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred. 


We have had it brought to our attention that certain previously authorised dealers were selling our frames with lifetime warranty when this was not the case. Please make sure that you are aware of your warranty period and what it includes before purchase as we will do our best, but not obliged to stand by these claims.