• Kingdom vs. Alps (and Reblochon)

    A trip into the Haute Savoie with the Vendetta X2 and some old friends

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  • Why the Vendetta X2

    The thinking behind our new 10 year anniversary Vendetta X2

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  • The NEW Vendetta X2

    Limited stock available
    From 1st October

    £1050 / €1160

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  • Stealth is the new black

    Meet the new Vendetta LS stealth black whip, for when you need to go undetected.

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Vendetta X2 - Buy in July for £799 (€910)

The Vendetta X2 is a balls out, tough as nails hardcore hardtail in the tradition of all our Vendettas. To celebrate the Vendettas 10 year anniversary we are making a limited edition, first run of 25 Vendetta X2's at a rather special price.

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Vendetta Sundays

Vendetta Sundays

A collection of hardtail prime cuts, Vendettas at their best roosting and railing in the woods and loam.

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  • Miss-adventures in the Alps

    Exploring the Haute-Savoie with the new Vendetta X2

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What riders think about their Vendetta