• Defining Geometry

    Two different Vendettas fight it out.

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  • The Perfect Vendetta X2?

    We get nerdy in a series of Vendetta riders rides.

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  • Kingdom vs. Alps (and Reblochon)

    A trip into the Haute Savoie with the Vendetta X2 and some old friends

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  • Why the Vendetta X2

    The thinking behind our new 10 year anniversary Vendetta X2

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  • Stealth is the new black

    Meet the new Vendetta LS stealth black whip, for when you need to go undetected.

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Vendetta X2 - Limited stock available now in Large

The Vendetta X2 is a balls out, tough as nails hardcore hardtail in the tradition of all our Vendettas. Celebrating 10 years of the Vendetta, the X2 is less frills hardtail priced to be more affordable for riders who want to get into titanium.

A limited number of large frames is now available to buy from stock.

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Vendetta Sundays

Vendetta Sundays

A collection of hardtail prime cuts, Vendettas at their best roosting and railing in the woods and loam.

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  • Miss-adventures in the Alps

    Exploring the Haute-Savoie with the new Vendetta X2

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What riders think about their Vendetta