The 2023 Season Roundup ~ Denny

We support a few really talented riders…. 
Starting with Denny we are going to be showing off their words and adventures of the 2023 season..and as pictures speak the loudest, scroll on. 

"This season is also about to end. It was a truly intense year that took us around a lot.
This year I have included the road bike as an additional workout in addition to crossfit and I must say that I really felt more performing than in previous years.
We are on a great path and motivated for next season.
As already said, we have had many races this year, all good. But two above all were the apotheosis. The stage of the EDR UCI in Canazei, but above all the Megavalance of Alpe duez. A crazy race but one that I can't wait to do again because of what it feels like to do a race like this. Something truly unique.
Also super happy with my 16th place finish and especially with a Hardtail. Best bike I've ever ridden.
For me it is an honor to be part of the Kingdom family and to have the pleasure of bringing this work of art to competition.
Thank you so much for everything you do for me"

We are super proud of Denny and look forward to seeing what he can do next year. The grit, determination and focus it takes to race a hard tail at EWS/Megavalanche level is something that most riders can only look upon with respect. Keep it up lad. 🤟🏼🤘🏼🤛🏼
Up next we have Lisa or Kyle, who ever gets in first.