Kingdom Bike - two wheeled innovation and a passion for pain

Who are we?

We’re a collective of European bike junkies who formed Kingdom Bike in 2009 as a vehicle for our growing collective of raggers, racers, engineers and two wheeled clowns to design and develop the unique push bikes that we wanted to ride.

At first we just made Kingdom frames for ourselves, then our friends asked us to make bikes for them, then our friends friends asked us. So we decided to put these bikes into small production runs and sell them online.

Our beliefs

Kingdom Bike is inclusive, we actively encourage you to help us develop our frames through creative sharing and open ideas. Our frames are handmade and manufactured to the highest production standards, no cutting corners for a fast buck. Whenever we sell a bike we try and keep the cost to a realistic affordable level that reflects the production.

Our business model is simple, we sell high quality unique bikes and the profit gives us the platform to design and make more bikes.

Where are we?
Kingdom Bike HQ and warehouse is in Copenhagen. Where we design, assemble and manufacture our prototypes.

We ship our frames from Denmark to any destination in the world.

Our engineer and CAD designer is based in Tasmania and we manufacture from a small but hi-tech factory in China. 

That's us.