Rider Bio - Kyle Stabler

We wanted to introduce some of our riders and their aspirations for the 2023 season. Read more about our riders below and if you one day want to be on the Kingdom Riders Teamsend us a rider CV and we will see what we can do!


Where are you based?


How long have you been riding?

Since I was 11

How long have you been racing?

2 years

Why did you start racing?

For the thrill and enjoyment.

Where is your favourite trail/event and why?

My favourite trail is definitely "New York, New York" in Scotland. It’s long fast flowing and technically challenging all in one place.

What is your preferred style of riding, enduro, DH...and why?

I love downhill racing because of the big sends and flat out corners.

What is the result you are most proud of?

I’m proud of the first winter series DH race at Danny harts coming in 6th on my enduro bike.

Is there an upgrade that particularly helps with your racing?

Definitely having a dad as a top tier mechanic!

Where do you see your riding going in the 2023 season?

Full send, hopefully with a few podiums.

Why did you choose to race on a Kingdom and not another brand?

Kingdom bikes are the dogs bollocks!!

Do you have any routines or rituals that you do before a race?

Make sure I have my lucky lizard on me!

Give me one interesting fact about yourself

I like to work on my own bikes.

Do you have any other support you'd like to shout out?

Graham at sixth element for always keeping me rubber side down. Everyone involved with kingdom bikes and my dad. 

What is your favourite biscuit/cake?

Custard cream