Rider Bio - Lisa Conway

We wanted to introduce some of our riders and their aspirations for the 2023 season. Read more about our riders below and if you one day want to be on the Kingdom Riders Teamsend us a rider CV and we will see what we can do!


Where are you based?

North Wales

How long have you been riding?

2.5 years

How long have you been racing?

2 years

Why did you start racing?

I thought it would be a bit of fun but I found that I really focused and rode features blind that I never would have considered otherwise.

Where is your favourite trail/event and why?

#REVS4EVS ❤️ Revolution Bike Park is Home. I love all the trails but was especially buzzing to clean ride my first prolines there.

What is your preferred style of riding, enduro, DH...and why?

Downhill. Its the fastest, most challenging and least pedally 😂

What is the result you are most proud of?

Clearing the 9ft road gap on the National Downhill track at Revs in August, even if it did break me the second time 😝🦾

Is there an upgrade that particularly helps with your racing?

After having my suspension custom tuned by Dialled telemetry, pedals would make the most difference. I use Nukeproof Horizons now on all my bikes.

Where do you see your riding going in the 2023 season?

Oh big dream is to Vet Womens National Downhill Champ on a titanium steed!

Why did you choose to race on a Kingdom and not another brand?

The bikes are so tough I just race without thinking about them. I can throw myself at stuff without worrying if the bike can handle it. I always had it in my head with my carbon ebike. Not saying it wasnt strong, but mentally carbon played on my mind.

Do you have any routines or rituals that you do before a race?

Not really a ritual but I can’t ride anything without gloves. Comes from motorbikes and sliding down the road without gloves on. Regrets!

Give me one interesting fact about yourself

I get my love of speed and thrills from my dad, he raced MGs. His race number was 51, which I wear with pride on my own kit.

Do you have any other support you'd like to shout out?

FKD Life have been amazing. Those guys have looked after me from my first race which was on my Void 160, I had an amazing custom jersey from them. Schwalbe Tyres, racing would be a challenge without their support as I sure get through those ultrasoft DH tyres! Dialled Telemetry for taking my bikes from good to incredible - best investment ever!

What is your favourite biscuit/cake?

Chocolate. Just hardcore Diary Milk, all the fat and sugary badness undiluted.