Terms and Conditions - Frames & Bikes

Defective or damaged frames must in the first instance (within 7 days of receipt of frame) be reported to Kingdom Bike ApS at the following email: info@kingdombike.com stating clearly the damage and also with pictures showing the extend of the defect or damage

Once a return is approved frames must be returned to our office address below within 14 days of receipt of the frame:

Kingdom Bike Aps, Back Office, 7 Dunhammervej, Copenhagen NV 2400, Denmark.

Kingdom Bike ApS. Accept no liability for the cost of returning the frame to us for inspection.

Where manufacturing fault, damage or transport damage is found we will replace the frame (with 60 days) or repair the frame (within 35 days) free of charge and also accept liability for the cost of shipping the frame to the customer.

Where manufacturing fault, damage or transport damage is found Kingdom Bike ApS, will compensate the customer to a maximum of €15 in regard to shipping (returning the frame to us for inspection).

Where manufacturing fault, damage or transport damage is found and a repair or replacement is declined, a refund is at the discretion of Kingdom Bike ApS, and any subsequent refund if offered will not include any shipping charges.

Right to rescind - Customers are entitled to a full refund (excluding any shipping charges) within 14 days of receipt of the frame. 

Right to rescind - Customers placing custom frame orders, the 14 day right to rescind period begins after initial payment or deposit, not upon receipt of the frame.

Refunds are made within 48 hours once the frame has been returned to Kingdom Bike ApS. It may take 7 working days for refunds to appear in customers banking systems.

Where the original customer is Non-European, Kingdom Bike ApS will not accept liability for the payment of import and duty costs as these lie solely with the customer.

Replacements will only be applied to the original customer and only stand if proof of purchase can be evidenced with an invoice or receipt.

This refund/warranty policy is void if the frame has any modifications or damage other than the damage reported.

Frame finishes:

Raw - finish is exactly what it is raw, it has exposed welds and may have surface marks on the tubes that would normally be covered by paint our a polish, in selecting a raw finish you are accepting these marks on your frame.

Polish - Polished frames are shiny metal with no exposed welds but due to the ovalisation process they may contain small flat spots that are exposed when we polish the frame, we do our best to remove these but you might find them especially in areas of ovalisation. These are not dents and do not effect the structural integrity of your frame.


Every frame tube is inspected for dents or damage and if they pass our quality control check then they're shipped to you. If the frame is damaged then you must report this within 14 days or receipt of your frame for us to take action on it.

Product improvements:

Kingdom Bike ApS reserve the right to change or adjust our frames without notification against pre-ordered or purchased frames from those advertised on our site, by a maximum of 10%, so long as that change is for performance, structural or fabrication improvement purposes. No changes will be made for cost based savings against advertised frames.

Cancellation of pre-order: frames, custom frames and component parts:

Due to PayPal checkout we are charged a 4% fee by PayPal for frames and parts purchased and a further €4% fee by PayPal on refunding an order. Unfortunately these fees are out of our control and pre-order purchases that are refunded will be refunded minus these PayPal fees.

As a guide:

Paypal fee for refunding Vendetta X2  = €70 (approx)
Paypal fee for refunding Vendetta LS = €120 (approx)

Our frames ship from inside the EU so if you are purchasing from outside the EU you will be responsible for any duty or customs charges incurred on entry to your country.