• Going custom only on the Void

September 26, 2023

Exciting News: We are moving our Void frames to a "build to order" model. 

We're always looking for ways to make your experience even better, and we've got some awesome news to share. We're shaking things up from the usual and embracing the "build to order" approach. Curious why? Let us spill the beans!

It's All About You: With "build to order," You're the boss! You get to choose the exact details you want for your frame. This means that we don't have to invest as much in stock and that we can bring them to you at a lower price..... you see where we are going with this. 

Fresher than Fresh: Say goodbye to frames that have been sitting around in warehouses losing value, no more new paint jobs on old frames... or huge discount sales taking the resale market and screwing over your LBS (we are looking at you CRC)  With "build to order," everything's made fresh, just for you. That means top-notch quality, performance and the most up to date you can get. 

Helping the Planet: We don't green wash, but we do try to do our bit. By making things as they're needed, we cut down on waste and energy use. So, every time you pick "build to order," you're also helping that little bit too. This also means that if you want a change in the future we can probably accommodate that, we have even been known to do trade ins. 

Savings, Anyone? Guess what? "Build to order" doesn't just make your stuff special – it saves you some cash too. Without extra stock to worry about, we can give you better prices. 

Easy-Peasy Customisation: We've made it super easy to customise your order. Our website walks you through the whole process, and if you need a hand, our super-friendly (mostly) customer support team (Lee and Paul) are usually about ready to answer any questions you might have. 

The drawbacks:  With anything bespoke there will be some drawbacks, so we want to be crystal clear. Design and build times are around 45 days, this can be more if we need to 3D print you a part that we don't have ready or if the factory is super busy, so it can push to 90 days, in this very unlikely case we will be in touch. If you wanted it sooner, you should have put your order in sooner, please don't be pestering too much, we honestly do our best, and will continue to do so for you as well. Just ask anyone on a Kingdom bike.  

Refunds on custom products are also an issue, as the frame has been designed for you, your cool down period starts from the day you put the order in, not the day of receipt of the frame. We can only offer you 50% of the value paid and not the full value of your frame. So if you want one, make sure you really want one! 

The fact of the matter is: This big change to "build to order" isn't just a small tweak – it's a major leap towards making everyones lives a bit easier, and helping us as a small company keep trading. The fact of the matter is, every time we put a batch of voids in to order, it costs us a fortune, these frames are not mass produced, we dont want any just sat getting dusty, we want them on the trails and we dont want a load of stock just sat when the bit of money we do have could be getting put to development/growth.

Voids are expensive, like, you would be shocked, and wonder why we bother expensive and as they are all built by hand each one can be made unique to some extent so let's just make what we need and how we want them.

So we have a sit down, a pack of digestives and a brew and decided to go back to our roots and make things for you, how you want them.  

High five to you for reading all that, now lets get your frame designed. 


Void frames built to order.

40 Day lead time, all being well.

50% non refundable deposit.

Custom options (get in touch).

Your frame, for you, how you want it. 


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