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July 03, 2016

Continuing our series of rider reviews of the simply awesome Vendetta2, this time the review is from Joe Long a recent convert to the Vendetta taking delivery of his custom Vendetta2 about a month ago.

Here’s Joes unedited review of his new bike, and thanks Joe.

About Me:
I’m 39 years old but I’m still riding like there’s no work on Monday.  I’ve been riding Mountain bikes for more than half my years on earth but the difference now is I’ve got enough money to ride some pretty nice stuff, unlike my younger days of saving for months just to buy a new tire or some sweet purple ano.

I don’t mind climbing, but the real reason I do it is so I can get to the top and let ‘er buck on the downs.  I’m a nerd for railing any corner I can, going in hot, feeling the tires load up then squirm and drift.  It’s one of my favorite things.  Pretty much any jump or drop with a good landing is fair game but now that Im almost 40, I’ve been known to shy away from a big gap or anything with serious consequences for failure.  I’ve been through the range of fancy carbon full suspension bikes and recently discovered these hardcore hardtails, which have put a bigger smile on my face than anything else I’ve ridden.

The Bike:
Vendetta 2 with some custom geometry, mainly slacker HA (around 66 w 140mm @20% sag) and the tightest possible WB and CS.  I couldn’t ask for a better build w/a tapered head tube, the new 36, 20mm axle up front, XT everything, dropper and thru axle rear.  Big tires and big fork are a must because this bike can haul the mail and the weight penalty of a tougher casing is worth it when blasting through rocky sections.  I’m as fast or faster on the Vendetta than any of my previous full suspension bikes.   Where I live $10k Bronsons and are a dime a dozen out on the trails. Im sure it represents some kind of character flaw but it’s really, really fun smoking those guys with a hardtail!  and yes, I do mean on the downhills.

I’m no bike designer and I relied pretty heavily on Chris to translate what I was looking for into numbers and an actual frame.  I’d say he pretty much nailed it.  The bike is super stable and confidence inspiring, but somehow very, very whip-able and easy to throw around.  It corners fantastic, and when it slides, it’s nice and balanced and predictable.  It pedals very well.  Titanium has a nice feel to it, flexy in just the right places, in just the right amount-mainly when leaned over in a corner.  In my mind, that little bit of flex at lean gives it extra traction and is part of what makes it corner so nicely.

Even though Chris was on the other side of the globe, this was the best bike buying experience I’ve ever had.  The frame is beautiful and shows pride in craftsmanship which makes me like it even more.  I highly recommend giving one a try.  Build it up like it’s meant to be and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you have.

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