February 10, 2018

As there’s always loads of questions about the new bikes we launch we thought we run through a few of the key things in our minds when we developed the Vendetta XFS.

Why a Vendetta full suspension?

It’s been on our minds for a couple of years but as we had the Hex and the Switch we didn’t feel there was a need to add another full suspension frame to our product line up. But then about a year ago we started to play with the idea of taking the best parts of the Hex and Switch and using them as a springboard for a new Vendetta, and so the Vendetta XFS concept was born; a three way, love child of the Hex, Switch and the Vendetta.

What parts transitioned from the Hex and Switch?

We built upon the Hex’s proven suspension platform which has been one of the best aspects of this design since the outset. The leverage ratio and the suspension curve sit so well with titanium that we felt it was a must for the Vendetta XFS.

The Switch’s symmetrical rear triangle layout adds so much to the frame in both stiffness and handling, but had always added a little too much weight to the frame, fine for more gravity orientated riding but for trail riding we felt this design was too heavy.

But our designer Dean did an amazing job of recreating a symmetrical rear based on the Switch’s design whilst keeping the weight down to keep things trail friendly.

Here's a quick look at leverage ratio.

What features are new?

We’ve been using CNC titanium parts in all our frames to create nice functional details, but on the Vendetta XFS we went a step further and used CNC parts heavily in the chainstay yoke to increase tyre clearance and reduce weight. In the shock mounts we created a sculpted CNC shock mount system that not only cleans up the lines but also helps us fabricate the rear triangle more easily.

Cable routing is a big thing for us and whilst stealth is great we wanted to give riders flexibility to adjust the routing so we went for external alloy bolt-on cable guides. 

Water bottles are also taken care of on the Vendetta XFS with mounting for a water bottle cage externally on the downtube.

Why XFS?

The X denotes that this frame comes from the same family as our Vendetta X2. Which is all about making titanium bikes more affordable. Not cheap as we’ve sometimes been miss-quoted.

We applied the same thinking to the Vendetta XFS as we did to the Vendetta X2 and tried to look at how we could reduce manufacturing costs whilst keeping the same performance and ride, but most importantly making this bike affordable.

What changes have been made?

Dropouts - We use the same rear dropout system as the X2, which is simple but at the same time a very effective solution, and also incorporates an alloy replaceable derailleur hanger.

Brakes - IS tabs rather than post mounts. We feel these not only offer the same performance as post mounts but they’re lighter and also boost proof, making it easier to run non-boost wheels in this frame.

Headtube – Lastly, we use a straight 44 head tube. This offers great savings in our manufacturing process which we can then pass onto our customers.


For more info on the Vendetta XFS click here.

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