Why the Vendetta X2

The Vendetta X2 – Our dream

One of Kingdom Bike’s original visions 10 years ago was to make a no compromise, affordable hardcore hardtail in Titanium.

With every progression of our flagship Vendetta hardtail over its decade of development we’ve added features and innovations drawn from our own experiences as riders, designers and engineers. And with each evolution we have edged closer to perfection, but all at a literal price.

Every advance in the Vendetta’s DNA adds to its production costs, which is why we really aren’t laughing when we say the price on our frames is as low as we can go.

However, as a celebration of 10 years of the Vendetta, we decided to drop the Ti-Bomb and finally fulfil our dream – breaking the triangle of durability vs. cost vs. weight.

This July 1st we are proud to announce the addition of the ground breaking new Vendetta X2.

What is it?

The Vendetta X2 is a balls out, tough as nails hardcore hardtail in the tradition of all our Vendettas. In fact, it’s a mirror image of its siblings in terms of geometry, only it is simplified with a few of the costly CNC details removed.

So what’s so ground breaking about simplifying an existing frame? Put simply, the price. Throughout July the Vendetta X2 frame is available for just £799, with scaled pricing over the following months.

The Vendetta X2 finally makes lightweight, durable, beautiful Titanium affordable.

Do not hesitate! For best value order your Vendetta X2 now and enter our Kingdom.

What’s different on the Vendetta X2?

The Vendetta X2 uses the same Ti-3Al-2.5V aircraft grade Titanium tubing and is fabricated by the same welders that make all our Vendettas, we just simplified the frame and removed some of the expensive CNC details.

The CNC tapered Ti head tube is one of the biggest costs on our frames, so by using a straight 44 head tube we have removed a huge manufacturing expense. The 44 head tube means you can still use tapered forks with an external cup lower headset.

Small details
The Vendetta X2 uses tabbed brake mounts instead of post mounts and the dropouts are rounded with a replaceable rear hanger rather than our custom Kingdom dropouts.

The Vendetta X2 uses external cable routing rather than internal routing, although we still have stealth routing on the seat tube for a dropper post.

Top tube gusset
Lastly we removed the crown jewels, the top tube special Kingdom gusset, a purely visual touch that was inspired from our Hex and Switch frames.

But we also added a couple of things to the Vendetta X2…
We decided to re-introduce the ISCG05 mount, as a lot of our customers have asked us for this on their frames so we figured why not?

Most importantly we redesigned the chainstay plate and added a lot more tyre clearance in the stays. This was mostly for the growing use of 27.5” x 2.8” tyres but also for 29” x 2.35” tyres.

This means the Vendetta X2 can be anything you want: 27.5, 27.5+ or 29er, this outstanding hardtail will accept all wheel options.

Scaled pricing

The first production run of Vendetta X2s has started and they will ship to customers on October 2nd.

In the run up to that date we are offering customers the chance to buy the Vendetta X2 for £799 throughout July, £899 throughout August and £999 throughout September. From the October 1st onwards the price of the Vendetta X2 will be £1099.

Numbers for the first run are limited so get in quick for the best deal on a premium Ti frame you’ll find anywhere.

Geometry chart
Vendetta X2 geometry


Want to know more about the Vendetta X2 then click here for full frame specifications