Showroom/ex-demo sale

For Feb we've put together a few SUPERDEALS on 2020 showroom and ex-demo frames. These frames are as new and massively reduced. We've used these frames in our showroom, took pictures of them, bounced in the car park on them and they've had a few demo rides. All frames are as new, brand spanking new, no marks and in mint condition plus we'll give them the usual original owners life-time warranty.

Corvid-19 Update

Like much of the world, our daily life has been changed by COVID-19. In an effort to help limit the impact on our local community, Kingdom employees will be working remotely. For the time being, all production is continuing as normal, all current and any new orders are running on time and in the normal production window. We will contact you before we ship to confirm that you country is not on full lockdown and that you can still receive your order.

STAY SAFE and please act responsibly to help minimise the spread whenever and wherever you can.