Testing, testing, 123.
If you have read about the VOID you will know we are developing our latest bike differently and changing the way we make our bikes. We're making them better and with innovative printed parts. As part of this evolution we are now in a fourteen pre-production bike testing period and we would like to get as much of your feedback on the VOID as we can, if this is of interest then read on.

While we could pretend the testing, the VOID will be a highly classified the reality is this: We will ride and ride and ride until the wheels fall off. Then in Phase 2, we’ll bring in the real world and ask as many humans to ride the VOID and give us their feedback as possible.

So, let’s start that process.

Our 14 demo VOIDs will be spread thinly across the globe at resellers in the UK, Singapore and the US, with our ambassadors in Europe. We will also have a few VOID’s in Copenhagen that we will timeshare around the Europe during phase 2.

Now if you would like to apply to be a part of this interesting project and to throw your leg over one of the most innovative and hopefully our next generation of Kingdom suspension bikes then we need a few details from you first. At this stage it’s so we can process a list of potential rider/testers and start planning the logistics of this process.

If you apply to test a VOID and send us your details, we will endeavor to get you on a VOID in the coming months but obviously we hope you’ll understand that given we only have a limited number and the World is a pretty large place so we won’t be able to get everyone riding a VOID.

We will select by location (as shipping bikes around the globe is bad for the environment), then by riding experience and lastly availability of a VOID in your size. But we promise we will try our hardest as your experiences are very valuable to us to help us develop this bike.

The 14 VOID frames/bikes will become available from the middle of April onwards and this process of rider testing will last 4 months through to August.

Your VOID experience may vary, it may be a loan bike for a few weeks, a test ride or two from one of our store locations, or a loan from a local ambassador.

In return we would ask you to come back to our site and answer a few questions in an online questionnaire about the VOID.

You know the type of thing we’ll ask; How did it handle on the trail? Did you like the suspension? What were your experiences on the VOID? What would you change? And lastly, we’ll need you to provide us with a quote or video ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ about the VOID.

Before you press submit, we should add we hate spam. So, we won’t; sell, loan or give any data you provide below to anyone else. And the only time we will contact you (unless you are already on a Kingdom subscription list) will be about riding a VOID.


Kingdom team



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