Cane Creek Hellbender BB

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Demand for Cane Creek to make a bottom bracket has long been on our radar. But we wanted to offer a product that was more than just another competitor. With the collaboration of SKF’s MTRX bearing technology, we were able to bring a product to market that provides unmatched bearing performance and reliability.

Pair our eeWings titanium crankset and Hellbender Neo bottom bracket, and a rider will experience the most robust crankset/bottom bracket combination in cycling history.


  • Premium HELLBENDERneo bearings with Solid Oil Technology
  • Anodize Black and Gold
  • BAI0086 - BSA Threaded 91g
  • BAI0091 - PF30 126g
  • BAI0087 - BB30 104g
  • Spindle 30mm
  • 6061 T6 Machined Aluminum Cups

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