• Vendetta X2 Prototypes - Private sale

November 07, 2018

Vendetta X2 Prototypes - Private sale

Throughout 2018 we've been testing new geometry ideas for our already awesome X2 Vendetta. This focused on geometry adjustments to the head angle, BB drop and chain stays, to see if we can get this frame quicker and even more responsive in turns and berms.

Some of this experimenting will be applied to our Vendetta X2 2019 models but in the meantime we have two of our prototypes available at a pretty amazing price of only €699 each.

Both these medium X2 frames are absolutely as new, no dings, dents or scratches, they come with new rear mech hangers and alloy seat clamps (not pictured) but no rear axles, these are available separately on our site.

The specification for the frames is as a classic X2 and can be found here.

If you're interested in owning a one off Kingdom frame or need more info then send us an email by clicking here and we will do the rest.

Our demo/proto frames do not hang around so its first come first served.

If these aren't sold in this private sale then the frames will go on sale in our web store on Friday morning.

€699 Vendetta X2 P1 - Close to a classic Vendetta X2 but with a slightly slacker head angle and a much shorter chain stay. Max tyre 27.5x2.6. No ISCG05 mount.

€699 - Vendetta X2 P2 - Steeper head/seat angle and shorter top tube than a standard X2, again with a much shorter chain stay and a max tyre of 27.5x2.6. No ISCG05 mount.

Geo charts below.



For more info and to reserve one of these frames email here

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