• The XFS Party Stripper concept

March 28, 2019

On the long flight back to Copenhagen from this years Kingdom Fest Adam, Travis and I spent the time mulling over our experiences riding short travel XFS29ers, blazed on about 5 warm miniature sized Tuborgs, we came to a unanimous decision. We don't need a lot of travel to have a lot of fun on an XFS.

And by the time the plane arrived in Copenhagen the XFS PS (Party Stripper) concept was born. A concept so simple, a bike that makes you grin from ear to ear when you ride it and constantly begs you to be stupid.

We took a standard XFS, reduced the eye to eye and travel to 120mm, added sliding dropouts and after a lot of experimenting created our perfect short travel fun bike geo. Best suited to 130mm to 140mm forks and 27.5 hoops.

Now the bike you see here is a bike hack. A proof of concept, not the actual Party Stripper. We built this to prove the geo worked, hacking two different frames together, chopping and shaping the geo using angle sets and brute force, to get what you see here. Production frames will have very importantly STRAIGHT seat stays and SLIDING dropouts, so yes it could run as a 29er.

For anyone who's got this far here's the geo for the medium frame running 130mm forks:

Travel rear: 118mm
Head angle: 65.5
Seat angle: 76
Effective top tube: 615mm
Seat tube length: 385mm
Head tube length: 130mm
Chainstay length (sliding): 435mm - 455mm (yes it'll run 29)
Bottom bracket drop: -12
Wheelbase: 1220
Stack: 608mm
Reach: 466mm

Note: Vendett-a-like brands just email us at tryyourownideas@plagiarists.com and we'll send you the drawings rather than you having to copy the geo chart, it'll make your lives a lot easier.

We'll update this post with images of the finished frames and also some ride reports as well, so in the meantime say hello to the XFS Party Stripper.

 We will be making this frame available in May for pre-order cost will be (approx) €2599 inc DB Air IL shock. 

Interested in fun times with a Party Stripper? Then email us here.

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