July 03, 2016

The Vendetta 2 in pictures.

As there’s so many good looking Vendetta 2′s out on the trails now, we decided to compile a photo journal of them, to show off the versatility of the Vendetta and the various different builds that Vendetta owners have gone for.

Starting off with Number 1..the first ever vendetta from 2009, 26″ and sporting a very similar geometry to the current Vendetta give or take slightly larger wheels.

Adams’s Vendetta 1 – Prototype – 26″ from 2009.

French large Vendetta 2 – Running with 26″ wheels

Mark’s Vendetta 2 – 26″ wheels with wide Syntace W40 rims making this one a super slayer with grip like glue.

Frank’s medium Vendetta getting some beach time.

Travis’s Medium Vendetta 2 out for a sloppy mud ride last night, Syntace W35 rims, ProCore tubeless and the world’s largest front hub.

Christian’s large Vendetta 2 running a 150mm dropper and 150mm Pikes.

Our Kingdom large demo Vendetta 2, Syntace W35 rims with Magic Mary’s giving it huge volume tyres without too much weight disadvantage. Overal weight fo this set up is 27lbs or 12.24kg.

 Thomas’s extra large Vendetta 2 – with Fox 36 160mm travel forks 

Laurent’s French Vendetta 2 size large with 140mm Revelations on a super light build.

Adams other Vendetta. His medium Vendetta 2, Pike 150mm travel on the front with XX1 on all mountain set up.

Deans’s medium Vendetta 2 with xFusion 160mm forks and ti seatpost and bar combo.

Jim’s Portuguese #irideenve Vendetta 2 size medium again rocking 160mm travel xFusion Sweep forks.

Joe’s Californian Vendetta 2 with some Fox Float 36′s dropped to 140mm and a go anywhere AM set up.

Tom’s large Vendetta 2 on it’s first ride early this year, later taking him to 3rd place in the Dudes of Hazzard enduro (hardtail class).

Mike’s large Vendetta 2 XX1 with 140mm Pikes by the look of them.

Nick’s medium Vendetta 2 – dropped 140mm Pikes and a mix of XTR and XX1 in a trail set up.

Lastly my own Vendetta 2 – medium with 160mm Pikes some beafy dual ply tyres set for some harsh rock garden trails in Tenerife.


Jaydee’s medium Vendatta 2 hanging out in Dubai


Marco’s slick medium Vendetta 2 from Portugal


Julio’s large Vendetta 2 looking very clean and tidy

Thoks extra large Vendetta 2 with some sick looking forks


That’s it at the moment, we’ll update this post with new Venbdetta’s as they come in for more info on Vendetta 2 Click here