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November 07, 2019

TF Tuned your go to Kingdom dealer.

Sometime this year we fused a long term friendship into a loving partnership. Now you can get your Kingdom bike direct from some of the most dedicated and professional people in the bike industry...TF Tuned.

We don't hold stock on website in our warehouse nor will we as 99.9% of our time is creating custom frames. So luckily you can now buy Kingdom bikes from stock, from TF Tuned.

They stock Vendettas in 27.5 and only available at TF, Vendettas in 29er. Also a heap of our legendary suspension titanium Hex and XFS Lite frames in stock and in all sizes and ready to ride away.

Click this link for more info.


2020 Hex available now click here.


Also in News

Number One of 2020 - Eric's new 2020 Party Stripper...'Steve'
Number One of 2020 - Eric's new 2020 Party Stripper...'Steve'

February 11, 2020

The Party Stripper was the result of a love for my vendetta and a slight size issue with our xfs. After speaking with the guys at kingdom and a few very long weeks a box arrived and "Steve" was born.

October 18, 2019

We took three Party Strippers to the Tuscany coast at Punta Ala for one simple purpose...a party on the trails.

Bike check: Anthony's Party Stripper
Bike check: Anthony's Party Stripper

September 16, 2019

It's the perfect bike for those tight twisty singletracks with no grip (dust and rocks)...its been taken to a bike park and thats where it really came alive popping lips and catching air, really was 'party time'.  The two disciplines of trail bike and dj/push bike have found a very versatile chassis in the PS.

Corvid-19 Update

Like much of the world, our daily life has been changed by COVID-19. In an effort to help limit the impact on our local community, Kingdom employees will be working remotely. For the time being, all production is continuing as normal, all current and any new orders are running on time and in the normal production window. We will contact you before we ship to confirm that you country is not on full lockdown and that you can still receive your order.

STAY SAFE and please act responsibly to help minimise the spread whenever and wherever you can.