reasons to ride - autumn
and The supreme.


The first movie from 'The House of Kingdom', which also marks the first in a series of Reasons to ride.


The thinking....we wanted to make a movie to go with a mini review of The Supreme.


Hating all forms of marketing was our problem. So how could we show one of our bikes without showing the bike. We decided to try and capture the feelings and emotions that you have when your riding your bike instead.


Without getting to deep and zen like our emotional experience was seeing the changing seasons - Summer to Autumn from the saddle.


So here's the movie and a mini ride review below.


The Supreme - 60 second review


We've had the Supreme for a while now but we just haven't managed to get round to a write up, so we thought we'd better say a few words about the ride.


It's long and light - The position with a 70mm stem is classic XC, puts you positioned centered in the bike and able to deliver effective pedal strokes.


Skinny Latte - The bike weighs a featherweight 22lbs and with some careful product selection could easily be down to nearly 20lbs.


Finish - The welding is superb as we've become used to on all our frames with the raw finish adding that industrial touch.


The Supreme Kingdom Bike, Titanium, Mountain BikeThe most noticable feature is the integrated seatpost or ISP and the BB30.


We designed this frame with an integrated seatpost to save weight and it's marginally effective in that respect. I think used with a lighter (Ritchey) saddle mount could save even more weight, but the real benefit of the ISP is being directly attached to the bottom bracket, and in this instance a super stiff press fit BB30.


This was the really the most noticable ride feature of the bike; the feeling of being attached to the frame directly through the seatpost into the BB. This translated directly into a powerful transmission, as soon as you upped the pedal strokes the bike accelerated like putting your foot on the gas.


But ISp had it limitations, on steep downhills the saddle felt too high and we suffered from 'up the bum' syndrome which slowed us down considerably. Having said that this is a XC rig and not necessarily designed for steep DH tracks!


The Supreme Kingdom Bike, Titanium, Mountain Bike

The Supreme Kingdom Bike, Titanium, Mountain Bike


The wishbone rear triangle is both skinny and light delivers the perfect stiffness to weight ratio for an xc bike and it also looks a clean as well especially at the seat tube join.



The Supreme Kingdom Bike, Titanium, Mountain Bike

Having been riding more trail oriented bikes all Summer (Foia and Legion) The Supremes handling felt twitchy at first, but once we got used to the longer 70mm stem it settled down and we began to love the feel of an XC bike again.


The stretched riding position and light weight made easy work of climbs but as we mentioned earlier the ISP made life a bit painful on steep downhills and something we struggled with especially after our recent conversion to Adjustable Seatposts.


The bike was running a 2x10 SRAM transmission, which was nothing short of incredible. The front shifting being a cycling miracle, front chainring shifts under full redal stroke, amazing!


We had a pair of Hope race X2 stoppers on The Supreme and I have to say after reading a fair bit of average press about them I was impressed. A lot better thanI had expected and weight to stopping power was a perfect trade off.


The Supreme will be on test in Stockholm and in the UK over the next months and we'll upload ridder reviews here to you can get a more rounded picture of thsi bike and how it rides.


Thanks for your 60 seconds.






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